Our Services

Some tell-tale signs that your horse or pony might benefit from these services:

.... and, anything that makes you think your horse or pony is uncomfortable or struggling to perform their work

For Referring Vets

We offer equine skeletal movement assessment and skeletal mobilisation services only and, as such, can absolutely guarantee that every case is handed back to the referring practice for all first opinion veterinary work
We remain in contact with practices in order that referring vets are fully informed of our findings, any treatments and aftercare advice; if, on assessment, our services either are not required or are not appropriate for the case this will also be communicated to the referring practice without delay
Full reports can be provided for your client records and/or insurance claims
We hold VDS cover, can provide an RCVS letter of good standing and adhere to RCVS CPD requirements
Most importantly, we talk the same language and we all share a common passion for animal welfare, evidence-based veterinary care and good client relations
Testimonials from other veterinary surgeons are available on request

  • Assessments of movement and posture, aimed primarily at ruling out lameness (lamenesses would be referred back to your own veterinary surgeon for diagnosis and treatment) and identifying areas of aberrant body movement
  • Assessments of muscular tone and symmetry to establish areas in muscular spasm and any joints that have ceased to move normally
  • Range of physical manipulations to release "locked" areas and re-establish more appropriate movement patterns


To discuss an appointment, please message via FaceBook or e-mail office@horsebackvet.com

  • "hanging" on one rein
  • landing on the wrong leg over jumps
  • back rubs, despite good saddle fit
  • rushing or refusing jumps
  • lack of impulsion from behind
  • bucking in transitions or in canter
  • increased stiffness on circles
  • loss of bascule over jumps
  • un-straight movement
  • resisting being girthed

Types of Horses Treated:

  • Racehorses and Point-to-Pointers
  • Eventing 
  • Showjumping 
  • Dressage
  • Endurance  
  • Polo
  • Hunter Trials
  • Riding Club & PC
  • Horseball and Polocrosse
  • Driving
  • Leisure Horses and Ponies