Our fees are typically covered by veterinary fee cover, providing your own vet has referred your horse to us.


Between 2016 and 2020 The Horseback Vet has seen over 1000 equine back cases per year. Horses have been seen throughout the British Isles and the rest of the world!

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Please seek your own vet's consent for your horse to be seen by the Horseback Vet. We only see skeletal movement cases; any other veterinary care must be provided by your own veterinary practice.

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Lectures/demonstrations available by arrangement for groups - contact office@horsebackvet.com for further details.

  • Gait and muscular assessments
  • Spinal symmetry assessments
  • Spinal and limb mobilisation

Please message via FaceBook (theHorsebackVet) or e-mail office@horsebackvet.com to enquire after appointments.

"We had known for some time that Barney (my daughter's competition pony) had a problem with his right shoulder which the physio tried to fix each time they saw him. He was reluctant to land on right canter lead over jumps and his muscles twitched if you ran your hand down his shoulder. Rob saw him and manipulated his shoulder - there was a rather dramatic crack (which didn't bother Barney at all but was rather alarming for me!) Immediately afterwards the muscles stopped twitching and still don't and he is moving more freely and landing on right canter when asked to. I found the fact that Rob is a qualified and experienced vet very reassuring and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."


                                                                    - Dr Helen (a usually rather cynical medic!)

             [N.B. Helen's daughter and Barney went on to win their next BE90 event]

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"Rob is a genius, I highly recommend him."  

- Sam Quiney

BHS Accredited Show Trainer

South West UK